Alternative Careers for Dentists

Explore alternative careers in dentistry such as dental education and research, Dental Services Organizations (DSOs), consultation dentistry, office management, computer science/engineering applications development, dental educator positions, dental researchers pos

Alternative Careers for Dentists

Dentistry is a rewarding and fulfilling career, but it's not the only option for those with a dental degree. There are many alternative careers for dentists that can provide a new challenge and a different way to use their skills. From dental education and research to consulting and office management, there are plenty of opportunities for dentists to explore. Dental education and research is one of the most popular alternative careers for dentists. With their extensive knowledge of the field, dentists can use their expertise to teach others or conduct research.

They can work in universities, dental schools, or research institutions, helping to shape the future of dentistry. Dental Services Organizations (DSOs) are another option for dentists looking for an alternative career. In this model, dentists work as employees and focus exclusively on patient care. The DSO provides all non-clinical and administrative functions such as accounting, marketing, and billing.

This is a great option for those who don't want to start their own practice but still want to work in the field. Consultation Dentistry is another option for dentists looking for an alternative career. Insurance companies often hire dentists to review and process dental claims, determine beneficiary eligibility, and monitor dental fraud claims. These positions are mostly part-time and salaries are often per diem. For those with excellent organizational or administrative skills and a passion for healthcare, they can enjoy a career working in the main office of an office. Office managers and support staff help keep the practice running smoothly.

Without a dedicated customer service staff, many dentists would be overwhelmed with work and unable to perform their duties. Computer scientists and engineers are developing applications and other tools to help dentists clean, analyze, and diagnose oral health problems. For those who have already made the leap to dentistry and are looking for a step forward in jobs in the dental field, consider a dental educator position. For those who want to work with important data, there is definitely a great need for dental researchers. Jobs are available to those who want to make an impact on the field of dentistry. Finally, there are opportunities outside of dentistry in sectors such as business, finance, marketing, education, and sales. The experience gained over your time as a dentist can be invaluable to product manufacturers, accrediting agencies, insurance companies, and other healthcare providers.